Sometimes you need to know when to kick out.

That's almost always true at OB, and today it's true with SurfPulse.

People's priorities change, families grow, work gets busy and sometimes you just want to get in the water yourself instead of working on a website about surfing. When SurfPulse started in 1999, it was a unique and invaluable resource for the NorCal surfing community, and particularly Ocean Beach. At that time, there was no Twitter, no Facebook, surf reporting still involved reading buoy charts, and most people didn't even have text messaging on their cell phones.

Today, that has changed. There is now an abundance of resources available to know up-to-the-minute surf conditions and plan your sessions accordingly. It was one thing to take time and make sacrifices to deliver a free service that people loved and relied on day in and day out. Today, it just doesn't feel as essential.

We're proud to have made a positive contribution to the surfing community over the years, but for now, it's the end of an era. A special thanks to all of the contributors to SurfPulse over the years.

See ya in the water,
The SurfPulse Team