Thousands Vote in Surfermag.com Poll for Input on Final Five

Mavericks Surf Ventures is pleased to announce the final five competitors who will round out “The 24” competing in the 2006 Mavericks Surf Contest. The five were determined with input from the public who voted in a poll at www.surfermag.com. With an overwhelming 30 percent of the vote, Alex Martins was a shoe in. He’s joined by other poll favorites and Mavericks standouts Grant Baker, Josh Loya, Danilo Couto and Russell Smith.

“The poll results really showed who was serious about getting into Mavericks this year,” said Contest Director Jeff Clark. “These guys not only had the desire to get in, but they rallied, got the word out and got their friends and family to vote for them.”

The Mavericks Surf Contest brings together 24 of the world’s best big-wave surfers on just 24 hours’ notice – between January 1 and March 31, 2006. Historically, Jeff Clark, contest director, board shaper and Mavericks surfing legend, has hand-picked “The 24” – those with the courage and commitment to face what CNN calls “the most dangerous wave in the world”. This year, Clark selected the first 19 and then with input from thousands of voters at www.surfermag.com determined the final five. The remaining nine surfers from the poll will become alternates.

Clark explained that the surfers were selected not just on their popularity, but also on their commitment to surfing Mavericks and how well they’ve done when they’ve had the opportunity to surf in previous Mavericks Surf Contests. “We’re opening the door for guys who are really pushing it. You never know where the next superstar is going to surface. We want to help them get their day in the sun.” Clark, a legendary surfer in his own right also owns the Mavericks Surf Shop in Half Moon Bay and shapes boards for Jeff Clark Surfboards. He continues to surf competitively and recently placed fourth at the Nelscott Reef tow-in contest among peers Zach Wormhoudt, Shane Desmond, Peter Mel and Anthony Tashnick, who will all surf in the 2006 Mavericks Surf Contest.

The 19 surfers previously selected for the contest include:
Anthony Tashnick, Greg Long, Tyler Smith, Zach Wormhoudt, Shane Desmond, Matt Ambrose, Brock Little, Ryan Seelbach, Ryan Augenstein, Evan Slater, Eraldo Gueiros, Shawn Rhodes, Randy Cone, Grant Washburn, Darryl Virostko, Kenny Collins, Peter Mel, Nathan Fletcher and Mike Gerhardt.

Clark also named the alternates which include:
Mike Brumett, Troy Virostko, Jake Wormhoudt, Carlos Burle, Ross Clarke-Jones, Garrett McNamara, Ion Banner, Noah Johnson and Rodrigo Resende.

About The Mavericks Surf Contest
When Mavericks roared through Half Moon Bay last March, 30,000 spectators and two million television viewers in 70 countries watched the best big-wave riders on the planet conquer waves that crested at nearly 50 feet in frigid waters with dangerous currents, jagged rocks and the ever-present threat of the Great White Shark. Last year’s contest was dominated by 20-year-old local surfer Anthony Tashnick, who will be one of the key threats in this year’s contest. But this year also brings the return of three-time Mavericks champion Darryl “Flea” Virostko looking to reclaim his title.

The conditions, the waves and the contest’s unpredictability all contribute to the event’s allure. When Mother Nature and a little luck combine to produce the notoriously massive waves, “The 24” surfers get the call and have a mere 24 hours to be onsite and ready to compete. Surfers and fans can track the waves and stay up-to-date on contest announcements on the official website, www.maverickssurf.com. New this year, fans can also receive the call and updates through a soon-to-be-announced SMS campaign or watch the contest live from their homes via a live Web cast.

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