More Thefts At Linda Mar, Pacifica

Several thefts have been reported at the parking lot at Linda Mar in Pacifica. Three San Francisco surfers had each of their wallets stolen while they were surfing mid morning on Friday, August 4, 2006. The thief (or thieves) found the car key hidden on the vehicle, unlocked the cabin of the truck, removed 2 wallets from the surfers’ clothing. Then, he/she/they unlocked the camper shell, and removed a third wallet from the other surfer’s clothing. Meticulously, the crook(s) locked up the camper shell and the cabin of the truck, and they placed the key in the place where they found it.

Once the surfers realized that their wallets were gone, they looked in nearby trashcans. And they found all three wallets with only cash removed. All credit cards were cancelled, in case the perpetrator(s) had copied the credit card numbers.

Upon reporting the theft to Pacifica Police Department, the latest victims were told that there had been numerous similar thefts at Linda Mar over the past month. Usually, the thefts have happened in the mornings, and the crooks get into parked cars by using keys that are hidden on the vehicles.

If you saw someone rummage through a green Toyota Tundra truck on Friday, August 4th, please contact Pacifica Police Department and send the info to SurfPulse, so we can post any information that might be helpful.

Don’t stash your key! Otherwise, you may be the next surfer to get their stuff (or car) ripped off!

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