SurfPulse’s New Look to Debut Soon!

Hello, SurfPulse Community!

As most of you remember, we made some tweaks to the layout of SurfPulse about a year ago. The idea was to “modernize” some of the features of the site and generally make it more fun and useful. We’re always getting feedback and suggestions, so in an effort to improve the site as a resource for the local surfing community, we’re going to release another round of tweaks that we hope you will find to be useful improvements to your experience on SurfPulse.

It’s nothing earth shattering, but the idea is to make the site easier to use.  Check out the screen shot below for a sneak peek.

Also, we know that as we update the site, we will have some bugs, and it’s possible that as we make tweaks, some stuff might break. Please be patient with the update. SurfPulse is something we volunteer to do in our spare time outside of our full-time jobs, and we’ll be trying to get to all issues and improvements as soon as we can. If you notice anything that isn’t working properly, and it doesn’t seem to be getting fixed, shoot us an email at And if you have any comments or suggestions for the new site, please send those comments to us, too. Much appreciated.

See you in the water,
The SurfPulse Team

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

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