Take Action to Protect Ocean Beach – Save Sloat

Take Action to Protect Ocean Beach – Save Sloat

January 15th DPW announced a declaration of emergency along the Great highway due to erosion in the area of Sloat blvd. Soon after the Board of Supes filed a motion to concur with the Mayor and the declaration. There have been a couple of public meetings on the subject which catches us up to today.

One solution to this erosion, which has been used previously up and down the california coastline is to “armor” the coast with rip-rap (lg boulders) or sea walls. Both of which have been proven to be effective in the short term. These “solutions” also have been proven to simply relocate the problem, up or down the coast. E.g. putting rip-rap at Sloat will simply accelerate erosion of the beach, north and south.

Here at SurfPulse we are in strong support of finding an alternative solution to shoring up Sloat. If you do too, please make yourself heard and send this letter:

Take Action To Protect Ocean Beach

There is also another hearing on Tuesday, February 2, we will update when we have a location and time. And visit sloaterosionob.blogspot.com/ for additional information.

Photo credit: Coastal Erosion at OB Blog

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