Dredge the Pillar Point Harbor (HMB) Update

Dredge the Pillar Point Harbor (HMB) Update

The following is an update from DredgeTheHarbor.com on the proposal to dredge Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay and use the sand to replenish Surfers Beach and points south. The background of this proposal was published on SurfPulse in a special report by our man In the Green Room, Mike Wallace (see Grains of Hope: Dredging the Pillar Point Harbor Long Overdue).

“North Half Moon Bay Shoreline Improvement Project finally gets underway! After years of effort, finally, it looks like things are on the move to dredge the Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay and use the millions of tons of high quality beach sand waiting inside. Using the sand as a resource to nourish from Surfers Beach south all throughout the bay of Half Moon Bay. Its a win win win for everyone from Cal Trans (to protect highway one), to recreational beach goers, to the homes and businesses in Miramar, to the Snowy Plover even further south. The letter below is a note from the San Mateo County Harbor District General Manager informing our community and project working group of the movement on this issue.

The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers San Francisco District reported that they now have $25,000 from this year’s budget with which to start the design/feasibility stage of the Surfers Beach demonstration project.  They have designated Irene Lee as Project Manager.  John Dingler will oversee the project.

We await word regarding our congressional appropriation request for $100,000 for the Corps’ FY 2011 budget.  The formal project name is the North Half Moon Bay Shoreline Improvement Project.

I have just looked at the site with Irene to acquaint her with the situation and background, and forwarded some documents and photos to her.  She is somewhat familiar with the area as she resides in Pacifica.

Irene’s next task is to prepare a project scope of work and budget.  Once that is done and reviewed, we’ll have a better sense of when the Working Group might usefully reconvene.  We’ll keep you posted.”

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