Save Martin’s Beach! UPDATE

Save Martin’s Beach! UPDATE

Photo: Ed Grant

The issue surrounding public access to Martin’s Beach near Half Moon Bay is gaining traction and possible decision-making by the California Coastal Commission in the next month or so. Here are some updates to our original In the Green Room article by Mike Wallace.

1) Following several compelling presentations on the behalf of the Surfrider Foundation at the California Coastal Commission meeting in Watsonville last Thursday, August 11, 2011, staff there confirmed that “Enforcement staff members are actively investigating the issue after a request by San Mateo County for enforcement action.” Surfrider understands that this process could take about a month and at this critical time when the Commission is considering bringing their resources to bear on the Martin’s beach access issue a letter-writing campaign could prove crucial. And there’s a very simple way…
From: Cen Cal Surfrider
Martin’s Beach Friends- You all have such wonderful memories and experiences to share. Please take a moment to share your stories with the California Coastal Commission, as this agency is in a position to consider taking action and open the door for considering the loss of access to Martin’s Beach. Now is as an important a time as ever to speak up. If you send a letter via this link, it will help our loose coalition track the number of letters that are sent. If you so choose, you can also send letters directly to the Commission via Deputy Director Charles Lester (his email address is [first initial][last name] Martin’s Beach is a very special place to a lot of people. Please share with the Commission why you care about Martin’s, what kinds of things you do when you visit, and that you would like the Commission to take action to address this loss of access. Thanks for your help!

2) Congressional interest in public access to Martin’s Beach

From the Half Moon Bay Review:
“During a July phone conversation with the Half Moon Bay Review, U.S. Rep. Anna Eshoo said she, too, was interested in learning more about the plans of Martin’s Beach’s new owners. The once-popular local destination has been largely closed to visitors since the land changed hands last year.

What’s more, ownership has been shrouded in secrecy. There is even a Facebook page dedicated to re-opening the picturesque spot on the San Mateo County coast.

True to her word, Eshoo wrote a letter, expressing her concern, to California Coastal Commission Executive Director Pete Douglas. The Coastal Commission has since responded.
Here are their letters.
- Clay Lambert”



3) The mysterious, secretive owner of the land is rumored to be a Sand Hill VC.

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