Board and Hungry: Epic-urean Adventures File # 2532-1 (part 1 of 2)

Board and Hungry: Epic-urean Adventures File # 2532-1 (part 1 of 2)

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Whale City Bakery (490 California 1, Davenport, CA)
As we headed back up the coast–salty, sunbaked, and stuffed–Bean summed up the day’s events in one poetic phrase…

“This jeep smells like a wet… neoprene… fart!”

Now, if this doesn’t sound like a summary of a fantastic day, consider what this stench represents. The wet state of our neoprene demonstrates that our wetsuits have been put to their intended use, while the fact that they are wreaking means something quiet different. While the pungency could actually mean a few things I would propose that the 80 degree sun-created-jeep-oven, which our suits had baked in as we dined, was the main cause. 80 degrees and solid surf in March? Sounds like a good day. 

A countless amount of waves break along the 75 miles, or so, of coast between SF and Santa Cruz, and if you get up early enough you can check a majority of them before turning around and deciding the first place you checked was the best. It is safe to say that it helps to have some knowledge of swell direction and/or an open mind when making this trip.

Whale City Bakery, Davenport CA

Though you will find waves along CA-highway 1 (or “the 1″ depending on your regional dialect), what you won’t find is a ton of places to eat. This is what makes the Whale City Bakery so great, but possibly overlooked. If you’ve driven this stretch of highway one you’ve seen it; Nestled amongst some funky art galleries, a tacqueria, and the remnants of Homegrown surf shop (not sure where they went), Whale City lies roughly 6 miles north of Santa Cruz. Don’t be fooled by the name, this place is much more than a bakery and its always our top choice when we head down this way.

After surfing playful 3-4 peaks amongst  a good-vibes kinda crowd, we were sorely aching for some grindage. Though Bean was also aching due to a re-aggravated knee injury formerly suffered at the hands of an OB insider, we were squarely focused on satisfying our hunger pains.

It seemed a touch out of place to hear Cole Porter blaring over the sound system when we sat down at Whale City Bakery. However, as the sun shone down across ocean street, and we absorbed the front porch scenery,  it was easy to imagine Mr. Porter might of been thinking of this little town of Davenport when he sang “you’d be so easy to love.”


Sweet Treats at Whale City Bakery

Whale City’s menu can be broken down into a few parts and since it doubles as a bakery most of Whale City’s menu items come with some home baked goodies. Breakfast accounts for a majority of the items and some intriguing and unique scrambles are featured here. Whale city also cooks up lots of tasty sandwiches and appetizers, as well as a solid fish and chips.


Huevos Ranchero at Whale City Bakery

It seems Bean’s affection with eggs, of the runny varietal, has no bounds.  They call to him. These particular huevos are cooked to a perfect over medium and sit atop the gooey goodness that makes up the “Huevos Rancheros.”  Creamy refried beans, melty jack cheese, and crispy fried corn tortillas, topped with fresh salsa.  Top marks.

Fried Artichokes at Whale City Bakery

This stretch of US-1 is peppered with bulbous artichoke plants, so it would seem foolish not to order this local delicacy.  Though deep frying them is not the first thing I would think to do, I did thoroughly enjoy dipping these crispy little nuggets in ranch.


Mediterranean Scramble at Whale City Bakery

Although scrambles may seem boring, Whale City keeps things interesting. Shantzy, opting for the waitress recomended scramble, was not disappointed.  The mediterranean scramble is eggs with sauted red bell peppers, feta cheese, and pesto sauce.  What seems like a standerd  breakfast scramble is made unique with the addition of house baked sourdough bread.  The potatoes were well cooked and not greasy.


According to the road sign, Davenport, CA’s population is 408. The proximity to surf and the Whale City Bakery alone are enough to prompt discussions between Bean and Shantzy on how they could feasibly move here. There are lots of reasons to drive CA-1, whether or not the waves are a main impetuous for your journey, add Whale City Bakery to the list.

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