Board and Hungry: Epic-urean Adventure file # 2532-2

Board and Hungry: Epic-urean Adventure file # 2532-2

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing (402 Ingalls St # 27  Santa Cruz, CA)

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After spot-checking, surfing, chowing, checking more spots, surfing some more, and then checking more spots and deciding your’e too beat to surf again, we highly suggest you do yourself a favor and preempt your evacuation of Santa Cruz (provided you made it that far). The reason to stick around is Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery. This place boasts some terrific craft beers and its a great place to unwind after a hard day’s “work”.

The tasting room at Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing offers over a half dozen beers on tap, along with a few seasonal brews. All of these beers are delicious and certified organic. Right on…

Tip: Start with the sampler

The sampler is pitched to the newbies, but we’d recommend starting with it whether you’ve been here before or not. It’s a great way to figure out what kinda brew you’re in the mood for and you can have a taste of the seasonal ales as well.

Brews: And the winners are…

The Horchata: On paper this beer seemed like it would be too sweet and perhaps not a beer for a warm February day.  Not the case here.  Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery has created a horchata flavored beer that upon first sip, tastes of the traditional mexican treat, yet finishes clean and leaves the drinker wanting more.

The Pale Ale: A classic flavor that was a perfecty refreshing beverage after a long sesh.  It has all the hallmarks of a quality pale ale with a full flavor and clean hoppy finish.  Their IPA was super hoppy and undoubtedly a treat for those who love IPAs, however, the pale ale was more our style.


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