Notes about the Surf Cam:

  • The Surf Cam automatically redirects you to the home page after 10 minutes. Just click the cam link to continue viewing the cam.
  • White, gray and/or blotchy image usually indicates fog. Black or horizontal lines on the screen usually mean it’s dark outside. (For international visitors, we’re in the Pacific Time Zone).
  • Terrible looking waves – we haven’t figured out how to correct this problem but we’ll let you know when we do.

The location of the cam?
The cam is located at a popular break in San Francisco, California. At this time, SurfPulse chooses not to disclose the exact location of the Surf Cam or the Report because we want to provide useful information without contributing to the crowding of a specific peak. We think we’ve reached as close to a happy medium as possible by providing a regular Surf Report and live Surf Cam. You might not know the exact location of the peak you’re scoping, but the Surf Cam image combined with the Surf Report should give you a good idea of the surf conditions in San Francisco.

The Surf Cam’s zoom lens is zoomed in tightly to avoid showing any landmarks that could indicate the cam’s exact location. On days when the surf is less than waist high or less, only the set waves are visible. So if you don’t see many waves on the cam due to this factor- the surf’s tiny and you’re not really missing anything.

To send constructive comments or questions, contact us and let us know how we can make your sessions at SurfPulse more enjoyable.