Troubleshooting Cams

If you are having trouble accessing the Surf Cam, try closing all windows of your web browser. Then, restart your web browser and try to view the Surf Cam again.

If you still can’t see the video, the reason might be that you don’t have Java enabled in your web browser. To try to fix this, first make sure you have a browser capable of running the Java Virtual Machine version 1.0.1 or newer. These include Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 4.x and 5.x (and I believe 6.X), Netscape 3.x, 4.x and 6.x, and Opera 5.x.

If you have a browser in the above list and can’t see the cam, then you may need to enable Java.

To enable Java in Internet Explorer:

* Click on Tools on the pull-down menu. Go to Internet Options and click on the Advanced tab. Scroll down the list until you see JavaVM listed. Check the box labeled JIT compiler for virtual machine enabled.

If you do not see JavaVM in your list, you will need to go to Microsoft’s Windows Update web site, and download it.

To enable JavaScript in Internet Explorer:

* Go to Tools on the pull-down menu. Select Internet Options, then Security, then Internet, then Custom Level. Scroll almost all the way to the bottom. There is a section labeled Scripting of Java applets. Check the radio button next to Enable (Active Scripting) under that option. Close all Internet Explorer windows and re-launch the program for the changes to take effect.

To enable Java in Netscape:

* Click Edit on the pull-down menu. Select Preferences, then Advanced. Check the box labeled Enable Java.

To enable JavaScript in Netscape:

* Click Edit, Select Preferences, then Advanced. Check the box labeled Enable JavaScript.

Internet Security Settings:

* If you still can’t view the surf cam, check the internet security settings. Be sure they are not set too high to allow the video stream.


* Another possibility is a firewall issue, which would usually only occur if you’re trying to access the cam from a large network (like a company’s network) that has a firewall that restricts this type of data.

Contact us if you have any questions about the Surf Cam… or if you have any challenges using it. Enjoy!