North California Surf Forecast
(Centered on San Francisco)
Day Trend Wind
(Swell Number, Swell Size & Period, Arrival Time and Profile)
(Set wave max face height)
Swell Direction
Down some SW 1-5 early Local north windswell 3.1 ft @ 9 secs
Southern hemi background swell 1.5 ft @ 15 secs
2.5 ft
2.0 ft
310 degrees
205 degrees
Down NW 5 early Southern hemi background swell 1.4 ft @ 14 secs 2.0 ft  205 degrees
Up barely NW 5+ early Local north windswell 3.0 ft @ 6-7 secs 2.0 ft 310 degrees
Up slightly NW 5 early Local north windswell 4.0 ft @ 7-8 secs
Southern hemi background swell 1.0 ft @ 20 secs
2.5-3.0 ft
2.0 ft
310 degrees
200 degrees
Up some W 5 early Local north windswell 5.0 ft @ 9-10 secs
Southern hemi background swell 2.1 ft @ 18 secs
4.5 ft
3.5 ft
310 degrees
200 degrees


Extended Outlook
By the weekend high pressure and northerly winds to rebuild over Cape Mendocino at 25 kts, with windswell slowly regaining footing. But until then, no real windswell is forecast. Down south a small gale peaked late Sunday (7/8) in the Central Pacific with an infinitesimal area of 30 ft seas for 6 hrs aimed mostly due east. Low odds of small swell resulting on Wed (7/18). A stronger system developed barely off the Ross Ice Shelf Fri-Sat (7/14) with up to 44 ft seas, but all fetch aimed east and shadowed by Tahiti. Background swell from this one expected by the weekend (7/22). Another small system is developing under New Zealand on Tues (7/17) with 32 ft seas forecast pushing mostly east for 24 hrs.  Another shot of small shadowed swell possible. Nothing else is on the charts beyond.  

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